Cividate Team Preview: ECS Milan T10

Cividate Team Preview: ECS Milan T10
Cividate Team Preview: ECS Milan T10

In this preview, we will check out the full squad for Cividate, their records in T10 cricket and the top picks from Cividate in this ECS Milan T10. Cividate has a very weak batting order with a lack of proper batters.

Cividate Squad

Abdul Rehman, Adnan Muhammad, Ali Sadat, Babar Azan, Hamad Afzal, Hardeep Ram, Isra Munshi, Kuljinder Singh, Muhammad Arslan, Muhammad Muzaffar, Musharraf Muzaffar, Qasim Qureshi, Ram Sunil, Sikandar Waleed, Sukhwinder Singh, Zain Ali

Record in T10 Cricket

Cividate Batters

Muhammad Arslan14249170.6
Muhammad Adnan Malik25247162.5
Zain Ali6125186.6
Kuljinder Singh117995.2
Sadat Ali531206.7
Waleed Sikandar42893.3
Ram Sunil417106.3
Musharraf Muzaffar3880

Cividate Bowlers

Muhammad Adnan Malik2750.426
Kuljinder Singh163118
Muhammad Arslan163118
Ram Sunil6108
Zain Ali6126
Hamad Afzal444

Top Picks from Cividate

Muhammad Arslan

  • Important all rounder of the team
  • Bats at number 4 position & a clean hitter of the ball
  • Also a wicket-taking bowler

Ram Sunil

  • A must have in the bowlers section
  • Another wicket-taking bowler

Zain Ali

  • An important all-rounder for the team
  • Bats at the number 3 position
  • Contributes with the ball too

Kuljinder Singh

  • A utility cricketer
  • Opens the batting & bowls spin
  • A wicket taking spin bowler & is more effective with the ball

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